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November 1, 2015 by BigDogBigFeet
I am enjoying Windows 10 and really like the options that Start10 provides.  Its really nice to be able to see my real All Programs list again.   There is one change that Start10 makes that I don't like so well and that is the right click on start button now produces a Start10 abbreviated menu only.  I've looked in Settings for Start10 to see if that can be rest there and haven't found anything. Can you please help me find a way to have the Windows 10 right cl...
March 13, 2011 by BigDogBigFeet
Hi, I've been working with my new Win 7 Home Premium 64bit based PC.  I've lately been installing suites.  I can't get DX gadgets and widgets working.  DX runs but... themes only. Could something be blocking it. Maybe Threatfire? Puzzled. edit: A few do work like Gloss Mint, Fire, and Aero Midnight.  Still puzzled.
September 2, 2008 by BigDogBigFeet
Hi guys!  I in an effort to get problems fixed in DesktopX cleared out my DesktopX folder and although I saved my Themes, Widgets and Objects, I forgot to save the contents of my Plugins Folder.  So I no longer have the Performance Meters or the Performance Meters2 Plugins.  I would like them since I'm on XP SP3 and need them in a number of Themes.  Can anyone help?  
August 18, 2008 by BigDogBigFeet
Hi, I have a ticket #TTE-651413 in since last week.  I thought I should have received a response by now from support.  ?? 
October 24, 2006 by BigDogBigFeet
I've begun using Object Bar 2.0 and I am enjoying its functions. It really does make it easy to have a custom bar for your desktop. But I've encounterd some areas that would improve with additional settings being available. For example, I can adjust the color of the text on the main bar, but I can't adjust the color of the text on shortcut dropdown lists. I have desktop folders on my desktop which contain regularly used shortcuts. The text that appears is invisible on the dropdown list beca...
June 16, 2006 by BigDogBigFeet
I'm fairly new at this a novice user. In any case I've been kinda poking away at stuff to see how things work. So far I like my purchases - well worth it. I would like to ask for a bug fix namely better support for large and extra large fonts. I use tool bars on the windows task bar and with higher screen resolutions I really need large and sometimes extra large fonts. However, Window Blinds cutsoff the bottom of larger fonts on the windows task bar. For example, in My Desktop, when sele...
June 1, 2006 by BigDogBigFeet
My first request is to ask for support of large and extra large fonts in Window Blinds 5.0. I use toolbars when using Window Blinds themes and I have noticed that text on Window Blinds generated theme task bars cut-off text. For example, if I've loaded Artwork theme and selected large fonts to keep text readable in higher resolution modes, the bottom of the "p" and "y" in the word "Display" on the windows task bar will be cutoff. This does not occur when running Windows XP without Window Blin...