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March 21, 2016 by BigDogBigFeet
Hi.  I tried the tutorial and I can select the Engineer but I am unable to tell it to build the Factory.  Totally confused.  Unable to proceed.
November 3, 2015 by BigDogBigFeet
Here is a free from The Windows Club utility called FixWin.  I'm using it and it helps a lot.


Find FixWin for Windows 10 here.
November 1, 2015 by BigDogBigFeet
I am enjoying Windows 10 and really like the options that Start10 provides.  Its really nice to be able to see my real All Programs list again.


There is one change that Start10 makes that I don't like so well and that is the right click on start button now produces a Start10 abbreviated menu only.  I've looked in Settings for Start10 to see if that can be rest there and haven't found anything.

Can you please help me find a way to have the Windows 10 right cl...
October 9, 2014 by BigDogBigFeet
Well I've searched and searched and searched and joined Windows Insider Program and all to no avail there is no download and install available to me of Windows 10 technical preview.

Why do they make it soooo hard.


It's working and auto activated and will update.
May 18, 2014 by BigDogBigFeet
Let's hear it for equality and fairness.  The world's greatest human achievement$$$.

Check this out!!

Money, Money, Money.
April 13, 2014 by BigDogBigFeet
I've had ongoing problems with commenting on skins.  I think I know maybe why.

When using Internet Explorer 11 I run in Protected Mode with Tracking Protection.  I also run it in compatibility mode and most of the site works except commenting on skins.

I have also used Firefox version 28 with AdBlock.  Firefox used to always work but now I have to turnoff AdBlock not only for WinCustomize but all linked sites.  Otherwise your script for Skins Comments fails to load ...
December 19, 2013 by BigDogBigFeet
Where does My Colors store the theme it downloads??


I would like to convert for use on Win 7
December 14, 2013 by BigDogBigFeet
So I did some holiday shopping on Cyber Monday and picked up a great HDD from Newegg.

It was an OEM drive so I decided to take my Windows 7 PC to my local PC Shop for the install.  I currently run WindowBlinds, IconPackager, WindowFX 5, DeskScapes 8, DesktopX and Fences. 

I had DeskScapes running with the fantastic Dream InsidiOS by ChaNinja and Windows Aero Midnight.  Fences has the Icons hidden.

Well the install went well and both Techs commented on the DeskScapes theme...
October 30, 2013 by BigDogBigFeet
What a difference in speed.  Multiuse house and everyone gets fast response awesome.
October 13, 2013 by BigDogBigFeet
Well I must admit I'm a bit surprised.  I use 2 Browsers.  My main browser is IE 10 in protected mode.  I also have Firefox only because I cannot comment in the WC Galleries without it.  IE 10 just wont work there!!  I have also removed all Java from my system.


I seldom use FireFox at all.  For security I have MSE and Malwarebytes Pro.  I hadn't turned on protection mode in awhile for Malwarebyte Pro until today.


It found a hij...
July 29, 2012 by BigDogBigFeet
So, I licensed Acronis Home Backup and Recovery 2012.  Their software is AWFUL.  It always 100% of the time says when I start it that a new version is available.  It always 100% of the time fails to install saying I have the latest version.  It always 100% of the time says the registration server is unavailable.

When I contacted their customer support they of course said I have to pay for support.  Even though they have simply turned off their servers and are not allo...
February 19, 2012 by BigDogBigFeet
Okay so I saw an 8GB Kingston memory stick USB 2.0 for sale and picked one up.  I also discovered Ready Boost so I reformatted the thumb drive to NTFS and got the 7.4 or so GBs useable and plugged it in.

Then I began looking at what else is available especially as this would make decent storage for music files and the like. 

So now I've come across faster thumb drives for USB 3.0.  Mushkin has some nice offerings but they cost more.

So, my question is does it make any...
January 7, 2012 by BigDogBigFeet
I'm looking for some pointers to get sfc to complete a scan. 

It runs the Verification phase to 16% the aborts with:

"Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation"

I've tried disabling alot of startup programs but not all.  I searched and found MS Help topic stating make sure Windows Moduler Installer is running and it is.  I also tried turning off UAC.

So far no soap.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64

Any pointers.
December 15, 2011 by BigDogBigFeet
I can't make comments in the libraries.  No smileys either.  Comments won't submit.  Using IE 9.
March 13, 2011 by BigDogBigFeet

I've been working with my new Win 7 Home Premium 64bit based PC.  I've lately been installing suites.  I can't get DX gadgets and widgets working.  DX runs but... themes only.

Could something be blocking it. Maybe Threatfire?


edit: A few do work like Gloss Mint, Fire, and Aero Midnight.  Still puzzled.