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Published on December 19, 2013 By BigDogBigFeet In OS Customization

Where does My Colors store the theme it downloads??


I would like to convert for use on Win 7

on Dec 19, 2013

On XP it's C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Stardock\ThemeManager, next to the Windowblinds themes folder.  Probably a similar arrangement in Win7 (?).

on Dec 19, 2013

It occurs to me you might mean the Windowblinds pieces of the MyColors themes, those are extracted into the Windowblinds folder with all the regular Windowblinds themes.

on Dec 20, 2013

Thanks I've found the location of the MyColors files but, the WB themes SOSE for example are scrambled.  Nothing but pixels in jumble colors.  Any one know what to do?

on Dec 20, 2013

Are you serious?? This pixel issue has been discussed at umpteen  times in forum. 




A side note,not all of themes have given alternative links which meant they are patented,not allow distributing. 

on Dec 20, 2013

Well I'm working with the themes in my account.

I have found with this workaround Theme Manager will install and show the MyColors themes correctly but, I can't get WindowBlinds to display them correctly.  Even if I place a copy of the bin file in the WindowBlinds theme folder still not working for me.

I am seeing my SoSE theme for the first time in a long time so that's been fun.

on Dec 20, 2013

Note: I copied/pasted this from my earlier reply in a different thread. I did not do this last night, as I am now using Windows 8.1.


OK, Last night I did this. I installed MyColors, allowed it to install all my myColors themes. Do not apply any. If you do, you may have to reinstall WindowBlinds afterward.



Then I went into the theme manager directory(C:\Users\Public\Documents\Stardock\ThemeManager), and grabbed all the xxxxxx.mycolors files.

I copied them into another folder. Extracted them with 7zip.

This results in a folder containing the icons, windowblind, and other files.


Inside the windowblind folder,you'll have a folder named after the WB. In it you have encoded graphics. Here's the tricky part.

Go back to the directory (C:\Users\Public\Documents\Stardock\ThemeManager), and copy the xxx.bin files for each WB into the respective folder for their WB where you extracted them earlier. zip them, and change the extension to .wba. Then double click to install into WindowBlinds.


Example, put the Magic bin file into the Magic WB folder that has encoded gfx, zip it, change extension to .wba, double click it.     Voila, you have your unencoded WB installed!


The .bin file is what unencodes them so you can install and use via windowblinds.


Be sure to place the bin file in the folder that is labeled with the same name as the WB. Not into the folder labeled windowblinds, in your extracted folders.



I hope this is clear, it reads a bit confused, but it worked for me.


I assume that my posting this is ok, since my assumption is that you'd have to own the content in order to have access to the .bin files.

If I assume incorrectly, please delete this moderators, and know I was only trying to help.



on Dec 20, 2013

Thanks that got it.

on Dec 20, 2013

The redneck gets one right!!!!!   Yay!!


LOL...Glad to help the BigDog anytime!  

on Dec 20, 2013

Just FYI, on Win7, you may or may not need to update WB after all that, because MC installs an older version of WB

on Dec 20, 2013

It's good to know that method has worked again / still works... Keep those skins alive

You do seem to have hit the magic formula there Redneck

on Dec 21, 2013

Just FYI, on Win7, you may or may not need to update WB after all that, because MC installs an older version of WB

I de-installed WB rebooted and cleaned with Revo.  Installed MyColors and allowed it to only download and install my subscription library.  I moved the library and deinstalled MyColors and rebooted again.

I then re-installed WB 8 and started the theme conversion process and all is well.

I DID NOT use MyColors to load any themes and my PC with WB runs fine.  Thanks again RND.

on Dec 22, 2013

Glad I could help, BigDog!!