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I hate rancid software
Published on July 29, 2012 By BigDogBigFeet In Personal Computing

So, I licensed Acronis Home Backup and Recovery 2012.  Their software is AWFUL.  It always 100% of the time says when I start it that a new version is available.  It always 100% of the time fails to install saying I have the latest version.  It always 100% of the time says the registration server is unavailable.

When I contacted their customer support they of course said I have to pay for support.  Even though they have simply turned off their servers and are not allowing me to connect.  If I login to their website that works.  I have absolutely no issues connecting to other web sites or downloading and installing from other websites.. just Acronis.

My question for them was straight forward "your software won't allow me to update do I need to renew my license"?  They said I needed to pay per incident for support to get this sort of question answered.

So, I want to nuke their lying software.  Their blatant attempt to extort monies from me just to fix a problem they are maintaining.  By the way they use an offshore outsourced contracted customer support center.  Is it any wonder their deliberate file server problem costs me money to fix? 

Notice how Acronis (in the US) in all of this is completely unaware and it is impossible to contact them.  Short of getting their corporate address, mailing them a letter, and only to get non-functional lip service from them.  No thanks.

Their software is also brain dead in its operation.  I ran a full backup and set it to weekly auto incremental backup.  I let it complete.  When I opened their BS product again (some few minutes later) it immediately started auto running a second full backup requiring another 2 hour to complete.  I of course killed this redundent unscheduled backup.

So, is their a genuinely GOOD backup software that actually works and is NOT using offshore contracted support?  I think from now on whenever I choose to buy something like software that will be a number one consideration for me.

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on Jul 30, 2012

WOW ! .....those pictures above , I could swear I've seen those people at WalMart.

on Jul 31, 2012

WOW ! .....those pictures above , I could swear I've seen those people at WalMart.

Yeah, and can you imagine the son-in-law that kid's gonna attract.... tho one look at ma and pa might be enough to scare him off.


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