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Is DesktopX's implementation of VB script its own entity
Published on July 2, 2006 By BigDogBigFeet In OS Customization
Made a good deal of progress on my first widget. Things are looking a good deal better, but can't seem to find how to solve a couple of problems. I generally understand programming, I'm running into problems especially with Syntax. I tried looking at Microsoft's website for VB script info, but for some reason DesktopX doesn't like the syntax I'm using. I'm trying to implement a Do .. While loop. Can anyone show me an example of one? I also will want to write an ASCII text file save as script. Ideally the user should be allowed to press a button and a save as file dialogue box would appear. Are there any examples of that syntax? Finally, the ActiveX DesktopX Edit Control I'm using falls short especially in one key area - selecting font size and type. The only way I have found to use this edit control is with the default font Arial and 8 pt. type size which is too small. I've tried setting the default in the properties dialogue box displayed when the edit control is selected from the script editor, but any changes made are rejected - except for the multiline option- that one works. Any ideas on how to solve that? Anyway keep up the good work. So far DesktopX is proving to be an excellent product.

on Jul 02, 2006
I found an example of a Do While statement, basically they look like this:

Do While condition



My other questions remain open though. Thanks for any help you may have.