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October 13, 2013 by BigDogBigFeet
Well I must admit I'm a bit surprised.  I use 2 Browsers.  My main browser is IE 10 in protected mode.  I also have Firefox only because I cannot comment in the WC Galleries without it.  IE 10 just wont work there!!  I have also removed all Java from my system.


I seldom use FireFox at all.  For security I have MSE and Malwarebytes Pro.  I hadn't turned on protection mode in awhile for Malwarebyte Pro until today.


It found a hij...
March 20, 2008 by BigDogBigFeet
I am hoping since SoSE Forums are hosted on Stardock servers that I can request help here.  There's a thread I was foolish enough to start that really does need to be locked once and for all... and left that way.  The various ahh "forum participants" there are using it for their personal dumping ground.  It would be nice just to see that thing buried once and for all.  Any possible assistance in this would be appreciated.  The thread cannot be missed.  Tha...