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Published on February 19, 2012 By BigDogBigFeet In Personal Computing

Okay so I saw an 8GB Kingston memory stick USB 2.0 for sale and picked one up.  I also discovered Ready Boost so I reformatted the thumb drive to NTFS and got the 7.4 or so GBs useable and plugged it in.

Then I began looking at what else is available especially as this would make decent storage for music files and the like. 

So now I've come across faster thumb drives for USB 3.0.  Mushkin has some nice offerings but they cost more.

So, my question is does it make any sense to plug in a 16GB or 32GB USB 3.0 thumb drive and use it for Ready Boost?

I currently have Win 7 Home 64bit with 8GB of ram.  Will the larger faster thumb drive make the system faster or is it overkill?

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on Nov 10, 2013

Oh and without an SSD I went from 2 minute startup times to about 10 - 15 second start up times.  An SSD $200 vs 32 GB $30 USB 3.0 thumb drive is much cheaper.